What is ACP?

The Professional Certification Agency (ACP, in Spanish acronym) is an independent organism, located in Spain that certifies professional knowledge and competences in the field of building and construction.

Before the ACP began it´s activity, there was a lack of profiles covered by professional certifications. ACP was created with the objective to relieve this situation with a national and international scope.

The ACP is promoted by de Chartered Institute of Architectural Technicians of Barcelona and Madrid, and it is also supported by the Spanish Board of Technical Architect. The Agency  is the only entity prepared to certify professionals in all the specialization levels in Spain.

International certification

The certified professionals by ACP are adjusted to the international work market and they fulfill the highest  standards in terms of training, experience and professionalism.

The ACP certification processes is according to the ISO 17024 standard. The ISO 17024 is an international standard that in itself is an international guarantee.

The companies as well as private and public entities that bet on certified professionals, have the certainty regarding the competence and professional quality performance needed worldwide.

The ACP is in line with other international certification systems as RICS, PMI or CIOB, which certify a high number of specialties with prestige and international guarantee. IN this sense, The ACP adjusts to the most demanding standards.